Who Are We

StudioRenderingFarm is a partnership between SkyChain Technologies Inc. (TSX:SCT.V) and 1283230 B.C. Ltd. to provide dedicated rendering farm services to the Vancouver film and entertainment industry. SkyChain is an IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider based in Vancouver, with a highly experienced technical team and an abundance of custom GPU rendering equipment.

What We Do

This project leverages SkyChain’s technical expertise, custom GPU rendering nodes, and access to electrical power to provide on-demand rendering services to visual effects and animation studios in Vancouver.

3rd Largest

Vancouver is the 3rd largest  film and TV production center in North America

$4.1 Billion

The BC’s film, television, visual effects, and animation industry broke new record in 2019, spending more than $4.1 billion

Outdated Hardware

Local rendering service providers in Vancouver are using a multi-machine CPU design and outdated servers or single-machine GPU

Our Solution

We are coming up with a unique and cost efficient solution to fill the market's need.

We increase the efficiency in rendering and therefore improving performance many folds, turning days of rending into a matter of hours.

Multi-Machine GPU Rendering

From Days to Hours

High Performance Computer Systems